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Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment for Pavements: Understanding How to Use LCA Software

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Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment for Pavements: Understanding How to Use LCA Software

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— Webinar Recording —
Originally Presented: October 4, 2012 by Howard Marks, Vice President of Environmental Affairs for NAPA and Dr. Amlan Mukherjee, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan Technological University

As state transportation agencies continue to review a pavement's environmental impacts, the role of life-cycle assessment (LCA) becomes increasingly useful and important. Environmental LCAs can be used to compare environmental impacts (and benefits) from different pavement designs, construction methods, and even pavement types, all of which can influence agency pavement-selection decisions. Project Emission Estimator 2 (PE-2), developed by Michigan Tech University, is an LCA software package designed using real-world values from specific paving projects. This webinar will discuss environmental LCAs using both NAPA’s industry Greenhouse Gas Calculator and MTU's PE-2 software.

TRT: 48 minutes

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