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Components of Compaction (Guided) Online Course

This course provides an overview of how compaction contributes to asphalt paving operations. It covers the types of rollers used, the phases of the compaction process, and the physical forces applied to the pavement during compaction.

Online Course: Accessible for 365 days after purchase.
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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify different types of rollers.
  • Discuss best practices for compaction and how it fits into paving operations.
  • List the forces of compaction and describe how each works.
  • Describe the phases of the compaction process.
  • Discuss how to balance the different factors that affect compaction.
  • Troubleshoot unbalanced compaction scenarios.


  • Overview
  • Elements of a Paving Project
  • Compaction in Paving Operations
    • Roller Design
    • Types of Rollers
    • Temperature and Density
  • Roller Safety
    • Safe Roller Operation
    • Operator Protection
    • Slopes and Ditches
  • Forces of Compaction
    • Static Force
    • Manipulation Force
      • Applying Manipulation Force
      • Avoiding Tire Marks
    • Impact Force
    • Vibration Force
      • Amplitude
      • Frequency
      • Resonance
    • Oscillation Force
    • Forces of Compaction Review
  • Compaction Techniques
    • Phases of Compaction
      • Breakdown
      • Intermediate
      • Finish
    • Coverage Patterns
    • Adjusting Compaction Forces
      • Weight and Contact Area
      • Amplitude and Frequency
    • Rolling Crowns and Joints
      • Crowns
      • Transverse Joints
      • Longitudinal Joints
  • Balancing Compaction Factors
    • Mix Properties and Characteristics
    • Lift Thickness
    • Temperature and Cooling
    • Roller Speed
  • Troubleshooting
    • Broken Aggregate
    • Drum Bouncing
    • Checking and Shoving
    • Surface Bumps
    • Preventing Pickup

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